The Hotwire #2: August 30th, 2017


Antifascism after Charlottesville, Grand Jury Resistance, and Eclipsing the Empire

Listen to the Episode — 34 min


Welcome to the first episode of The Hotwire! Our feature for this episode covers the upswing in antifascist action post-Charlottesville. We also bring you an interview from Hurricane Harvey, The Hotwire horoscope, and news of resistance and rebellion from around the world. Listen until the end for prisoner birthdays and announcements of upcoming anarchist events and bookfairs.

Notes and Links

  • Table of Contents:
    • Introduction {0:00}
    • Solidarity efforts for Hurricane Harvey {1:10}
    • Headlines {4:42}
    • Feature: Antifascism after #Charlottesville {8:29}
    • Repression Roundup {24:45}
    • Prisoner Birthdays {29:45}
    • Next Week’s News {31:14}
  • Hurricane Harvey grassroots relief efforts: You can donate to Bayou Action Street Health here or consult their resource wishlist. You can also contact them directly via Austin Common Ground, the Black Women’s Defense League, Redneck Revolt Houston, and Houston Food Not Bombs are all coordinating relief efforts as well.

  • Legal fund for anti-fracking arrestee Freddy Stoneypoint.

  • Security culture! Learn to protect your communications, protect yourself from doxxing, and how to respond when police come knocking. For a comprehensive list of resources on resisting grand juries, check out

  • We speak about felony riot charges being used from DC to New Orleans to Durham this year. For more on the use of riot charges to suppress resistance, check out Natasha Lennard’s wonderful article “How the Government Is Turning Protesters Into Felons”

  • We also mention Dane Powell’s courage on the streets of DC during Trump’s inauguration. This video spells it out. 196 of Dane’s codefendants are still pending trial, check out to learn more.

  • For a good introduction to writing prisoners, check out this guide from New York City Anarchist Black Cross.

  • If you’re near Asheville, North Carolina, show some love for anti-authoritarians during their Radical Rush Week next week. If you’re near Chapel Hill, their Radical Rush Week calendar can be found here.

  • Upcoming prisoner birthdays:

    Ronald Reed #2195311
    Minnesota Correctional Facility-Rush City
    7600 525th Street
    Rush City, Minnesota
    {August 31}

    Alexander Irwin #2016012934
    St. Louis County Jail
    P.O. Box 16060
    Clayton, MO 63105
    {September 5}
    Please note that Alexander is pre-trial. Do not write about illegal activity and assume that any charges from the state are alleged and falsely accused.

    Brian Vaillancourt M42889
    Robinson Correctional Center
    13423 East 1150th Avenue
    Robinson, Illinois 62454
    {September 5}

    Dane Powell
    BOP Register number 82015007
    Federal Correctional Institution - Low PO Box 1031
    Colman, Florida 33521
    {September 7}