New book, Stone Hotel, now available, more sticker kits, and fuck Valentine’s Day!


I am tickled to announce the availability of our new book, Stone Hotel: Poems from Prison, by Raegan Butcher. This is the inaugural book in the new CrimethInc. Letters series, see the book’s mini-site for all the info. We are all pretty excited about it and hope y’all dig it — it’s definitely not like anything we’ve done before. Oh, and it is a fund raiser for Fighting For Our Lives.

We are also announcing the newest revisions/editions of the CrimethInc. Subversive Action Kits with a revised “This Phone Is Tapped” sticker, and a new “Fortified with 100% pure Iraqi blood” sticker made to be put on gas pumps. We learned from our mistakes with the first run and this time we used non-glossy paper (the glossiness made the stickers much easier to remove — bad, bad, bad) and used a special custom-made die-cut to cut only the sticker part (not the backing) so that they just peel off the backing one at a time. And finally, because we printed a whole lot more of them this time (the last ones sold out in one week!), they cost us less, and we dropped the single price by 10% and the bulk prices by 25%.