Episode 35: To Change Everything Audio Zine


At long last, the Ex-Worker is back! We hope all of you had a riotous May Day. Please send us reports on what you did to observe it at podcast@crimethinc.com so we can include them in our next episode.

In celebration of the resistance unfolding around the world from Baltimore to Milan and beyond, we’re releasing our first audio zine! Inspired by others’ contributions to the project, we at the Ex-Worker podcast have produced an audio version of To Change Everything to support the print and video versions circulating across the world.

Listen to or download the audio zine To Change Everything.

We’ll be back in mid-May with our next regular episode, exploring the unfolding social revolution in Rojava that came into the media’s attention during the defense of the city of Kobane by self-organized militias against the Islamic State. Stay tuned!

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